Internet of Things
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Global internet traffic continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, with network traffic growing more than 25% per year and enterprise data storage growing at more than 50% per year. This exponential growth is being driven by several factors, one of which is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is all about using connectivity and data to transform business models. In the near future, there will be 3 times the number of connected devices than the number of people on our planet. Leading companies are changing their business models to deliver more holistic value to their customers through intelligent data founded on pervasive sensing and data analytics.

As IoT becomes more pervasive in industrial plants and smart & connected cities, large quantities of data will need to be processed and analyzed in real-time by data centers. The IoT devices connect remote assets and provide a data stream between the asset and centralized data center management systems. Those assets can then be integrated into new and existing organizational processes to provide information on status, location, and functionality. Real-time information enables more accurate understanding of status, and it enhances utilization and productivity through optimized usage and more accurate decision support. Data analytics give insights into business requirements from the IoT environment and will help predict the fluctuations of IoT-enriched information. With the enormous number of devices, coupled with the sheer volume, velocity and structure of IoT data – data centers will be challenged in the areas of security, computing resources, data & storage management -- as real-time business processes are at stake. Data center managers will need to deploy more forward-looking capacity management strategies in these areas to be able to proactively meet the business priorities associated with IoT. To learn more about our Data Center Infrastructure Solutions click here